Nice birthday present

I spent the last days in Munich and attented the JURE pre-conference of EARLI. The acronym stands for Junior Researchers (JURE) of the European Association for Research in Learning and Instruction (EARLI).

I had the pleasure to present a Round Table on my PhD topic which currently has the working title “Enhancing teachers’ Assessment for Learning practices”. Since the first submission round was actually quite a while ago (end of October 2012!), there was some change in my presentation (and also in the working title which was “Self-determined learning in the 21st Century Classroom” back then). But I guess that is the process of the PhD – change here and there every once in a while…

Nevertheless, I was nominated for Best Round Table Award of JURE 2013 and therefore had quite some interested people in my presentation and I actually managed to convince them of my work and my presentation style and really got awarded for that.

I am very pleased and happy because not only did I get that Award – no – it was also given to me on my birthday. What a nice present 🙂

For those interested in the Round Table handout:

2013-08-23 JURE Handout_final_v5

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