Getting Things Done

Getting Things Done is a hard thing to do. And I do not mean the actual “getting” things done but more the seamless implementation of a getting things done method that really works for you and that fits into your workflow respectively enhances it.

My colleague and I are working on a multinational research project funded by the European Commission (called NEXT-TELL) and we really need to “get things done”. Unfortunately – the different tools we found did not support us the way we need it.

Over the months we tried round about seven tools (I was not really counting and the order I will take to present our reviews of the respective tool is not the one in which we tried them) which could help us to implement our GTD strategy.

To get this first: Our solution now (and the one that really worked best for us so far) is “Wunderkit” by the 6Wunderkinder.

So, for all of you out there still seeking for a solution of their own – and believe me I know that this is a tough one – here are our trials and errors. Maybe it will help anybody because they were all good in their ways but always missing a feature we definitely needed:

  • Getting Things Done with Evernote
  • Getting Things Done with Asana (not here yet)
  • Getting Things Done with Wunderlist  (not here yet)
  • Getting Things Done with Things (not here yet)
  • Getting Things Done with Producteev (not here yet)
  • Getting Things Done with Omnifocus (not here yet)
  • Getting Things Done with Wunderkit (not here yet)

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