Getting Things Done with Evernote

The first tool, I would like to review in the sequence of Getting Things Done, is Evernote:

Yeah, actually not a GTD tool but something to keep your notes and thoughts organized. We used Evernote for quite a while with shared notebooks to keep us updated with the stuff the other one was doing (we also use a cloud storage service and a lot of Google Docs for that but our ideas and interesting things we found on the web were going to Evernote). Anyway, someday we came up with the idea to use it for GTD and set up a shared notebook. It is a while ago now so I hope I get our “system” back then straight in here.

First of all: the notebook, then we came up with a bunch of tags, like high, medium, low, our names, how long a task might take, percentage of “doneness”, etc. There was the first problem. We thought we could give each entry another tag with the deadline. But unfortunately only the owner of the shared notebook is able to give tags. So, that was out of the picture, because we did not want to put hundreds and hundreds of different deadline tags into EN. Instead we set the date of the note (last change) to the date of the deadline.

At first it was fun with our EN GTD but over the time when we came up with more an more things to be done, it got more and more confusing, because we assigned different tasks to each other and we had to tell the other one so that she knows. EN (again: originally NO getting things done tool and therefore of course without certain GTD specific features – which is totally fine – Evernote is awesome anyway) did not inform you when you got a task.

It really was worth a try to get things done with Evernote. Unfortunately it did not work too well for us. Nevertheless, Evernote is THE note taking tool and it is getting bigger and bigger from day to day – also in the educational sector. But that is another story, maybe I get to that later (this is kind of connected to my everyday work life).

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