Getting serious with blogging and twittering – first steps

Okay, I already tried it a few times to start blogging and it never worked out very well. But this time it is different. I am extremely confident that it will work, I do not know why.

Maybe it is because now I am not only reading other peoples blogs but really KNOW actual people (colleagues) who have a blog and that supports me mentally. Seriously – I do not know and I somewhat do not care why I have this feeling that I will now get serious about blogging and twittering as well.

This will be the first real entry apart from my weekly bookmarks from diigo (which can be found on the bookmarks page – wow, that really took me a while until I found out how to manage that…).

I will try to post things which concerns me and my everyday work and PhD life. Yeah, the PhD! Well, I let you know if I know any better where it is leading to. It is still a blurry matter but I am working on that.

My everyday work life is mostly consisting of educational and research stuff because of the EU funded project I work in. It is a lot of work but also a lot of fun.

My interests can be summarized within the buzzwords: andragogy, heutagogy, education, self-determined learning, open educational resources and Personal Learning Environments. I am sure there are some more but these are the ones which came to mind first.

Apart from practicing writing english (which is extremely important for me), my general intend of this blog is to sort and reflect my thoughts and give reports about experiences I made with tools and other stuff. Well, I guess that is all for now.

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